CHOReOS was an FP7 project. It is now fully completed. This website is kept open for information purpose only, it is not updated. Please visit CHOReVOLUTION the project that takes over from CHOReOS. Project Collateral (Share.Collateral)

Project Collateral

Feel free to use this collateral for your own communication about CHOReOS.


CHOReOS flyer *UPDATED (14/10/2013)*
This document provides key takeaways and completely updated information about CHOReOS, while presenting the main use cases of "Choreographies at work".

CHOReOS CeBIT 2013 Press Release


CHOReOS new logo and new logo without text for Print.

CHOReOS new logo and new logo without text for Screen.

CHOReOS Poster

This document represents dynamic choreography development and execution process, CHOReOS Integrated Development and Runtime Environment (IDRE) and main use cases. 


CHOReOS initial EC factsheet:
This document is a two-page overview of the CHOReOS project, presenting the consortium organization and the project motivation and technical solution.

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