CHOReOS was an FP7 project. It is now fully completed. This website is kept open for information purpose only, it is not updated. Please visit CHOReVOLUTION the project that takes over from CHOReOS. PTC10 Meeting, Inria, Paris, January 21-23, 2013 (Follow.PTC10_Meeting_Inria_Paris_January_21-23_2013)

PTC10 Meeting, Inria, Paris, January 21-23, 2013

Jan 21 2013

The joint PTC10_Meeting_Inria_Paris_January_21-23_2013 meeting is hosted by Inria in Paris, January 21-23, 2013. Lasting three days, the first session is to start at 2pm on Monday January 21, and the last meeting to finish at 1pm on Wednesday January 23. The sessions will focus on mainly on the IDRE tools, with the objective to understand better each tool, their perimeter, how they run and their maturity in order to use all in the use cases. For that, Day 2 is organized around technical sessions with demos and interactions.

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