CHOReOS was an FP7 project. It is now fully completed. This website is kept open for information purpose only, it is not updated. Please visit CHOReVOLUTION the project that takes over from CHOReOS. Future Internet Symposium 2012, Vilnius, Lithuania, May 22-23, 2012 (Follow.Future Internet Symposium 2012, Vilnius, Lithuania, May 22-23, 2012)

Future Internet Symposium 2012, Vilnius, Lithuania, May 22-23, 2012

May 22 2012

SINTEF has invited No Magic Europe to contribute a keynote talk about OMG modeling standards at the Future Internet Symposium 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania on May 22, 2012.

As a result of the invitation, Dr. Darius Silingas was selected to give the keynote address on the topic entitled, Model-Driven Service Choreographies for the Future Internet. This is based on CHOReOS project ideas.

For more Information about the Future Internet Symposium 2012:

Abstract of Paper delivered by Dr. Darius Silingas: Model-Driven Service Choreographies for the Future Internet

While service oriented architecture (SOA) is already a mainstream software technology, the Future Internet raises a number of challenges such as service heterogeneity, service governance, dynamic composition of services, service scalability, and user-centric service development that need to be addressed in research and implemented in industrial practice. The Future Internet should shift focus from service orchestration to service choreographies that may provide a better answer to the mentioned challenges. Model-driven development (MDD) is a technology that aims to handle software development at a higher abstraction level using models as the main development artifact. However, there is no agreement on how service-oriented systems should be modeled – multiple modeling languages such as BPMN 2.0, UML, SoaML, and SysML provide fragmented support but fail to cover the challenging aspects of service engineering in the Future Internet. In this keynote, we will present a visionary approach to model-driven service choreographies in the Future Internet powered by a combination of modeling standards, user-centric service engineering process, and integrated development and runtime environment. This approach is under research in ongoing FP7 project CHOReOS – Large Scale Choreographies for the Future Internet.

A part-time Associate Professor at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania, Darius is Head of Solutions Department at No Magic Europe, which develops popular UML-based modeling platform MagicDraw. Darius also acts as Work Package Leader 9 in the CHOReOS collaborative project.

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