CHOReOS was an FP7 project. It is now fully completed. This website is kept open for information purpose only, it is not updated. Please visit CHOReVOLUTION the project that takes over from CHOReOS. Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA (About.Wind)

Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA

Established in 1997, Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA has instigated radical changes in the services on offer in Italy and in the way they are  marketed, with the aim of establishing new market standards for the integration of telephone services, and the development of the Internet, as a global response to the communications needs of people and businesses. Wind is the third largest Italian mobile operator with 16.4 million customers and 18% market share; Wind is the second largest Italian wire line operator with 2.6 million subscribers, of which 1.7 million direct customers, leader in Broadband net adds in Q2 and Q3 of 2008. Besides Wind is the sole Telecom Operator in Europe offering integrated fixed, Internet and mobile telecommunications solutions and it is leading Italian internet portal: Libero with over 28 million registered users (end 2008). Wind has proven technology capabilities in the areas used in the various network segments, these range from mobile and landline access to the backbone transmission network. In the current scenario Wind has achieved strong performance in the Mobile market and a strong advertising ensures inbound results; as all main competitors have launched HSDPA mobile internet offerings.  
Wind created in mid 2008 Wind Innovation Lab (W.I.L), the strategic marketing and technological innovation centre of the company; the scope is to propose new services that possibly leverage disruptive technologies. The ideas are developed through business modelling and product concept definition: proof-of-concept and fast-prototyping are achieved through activities in the laboratory and field trial activities and product proposals are presented to the company divisions for commercial deployment. To reach this WIL maintains stable cooperation with leading research centres in Europe and with the European Commission. The standards evolution is verified continuously by participating in international workgroups and with the monitoring of developments by technology partners with reference to the mobile access network segment. 

Expertise brought to CHOReOS

Wind has a deep experience and knowledge on all the technologies related to the Telecomunications World, including (but not limited to): networking protocols, Internet and Mobile Applications Business and Economic Models, Email Based Social Networking, Semantic Search, Online ADV and Privacy Issues.
During the project, special attention will be paid to the technological evolutions of concept of choreography instead of centralized orchestration, both from the network and process points of view, which enable offering new services in different conditions and environment.

Contribution to CHOReOS

In CHOReOS, Wind plays several roles: 

  • Studying the Business Model of the new architecture; 
  • Identifying and evaluating an appropriate service as  a use-case to exploit / demonstrate the technical results of the project; 
  • Leader of WP10 for Exploitation, Standardisation & Dissemination.

In-depth analyses and experimental tests will be performed in the technological centres set up by Wind in Rome, Milan and Ivrea once potential solutions in terms of innovative technologies have been identified and selected, and the new defined business models will be explored.  

Team Members

Riccardo Mazza (WP7 and WP10 Leader) 

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CHOReOS is a project of the FP7 European program: FP7-ICT-2009-5 - Objective 1.2 (grant agremment n° 257178)

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