CHOReOS was an FP7 project. It is now fully completed. This website is kept open for information purpose only, it is not updated. Please visit CHOReVOLUTION the project that takes over from CHOReOS. University of Aquila (About.UniAquila)

University of Aquila

UDA is the University of L’Aquila with more than 20.000 students and 700 researchers. The UDA team is represented by the Computer Science Dep. that has developed a solid research experience in the specification and validation of distributed software systems, in applied Logic and Artificial Intelligence, in the field of algorithms and data structure management and in the optimization field  for several application domains. In the Software Engineering area, the main focus of the research  activities are Software Architectures (SAs), Component Based Systems (CBS), Security and Verification issues, Ubiquitous Computing, and Software System Synthesis. It collaborates with several companies and participates in several national and international funded projects. 

Expertise brought to CHOReOS

The UDA team will bring its research expertise in the areas of SA and CBS to the CHOReOS project. The participating group has developed a consolidated experience in the field of architectural design from the specification to the verification of large scale systems. The group has a very strong background in using architectural descriptions  to analyze quantitative aspects of SAs, such as performance and reliability, and to automatically synthesize coordinators for CBS. 

Contribution to CHOReOS

The UDA team will mainly contribute to WP1, WP2, and WP5. Within WP1, UDA will work on the definition of both an architectural style and a development process for large scale choreographies. Concerning WP2, the UDA team intends  to devise a specification language for large scale choreographies. Also, choreography synthesis will be object of the work. Within WP5, UDA contributes to the integration of WP2 development within the CHOReOS IDRE, including the development of model transformations supporting inter-WP integration. 

Team Members

filenamepaolainverardi.jpgPaola Inverardi  (WP2 Leader)filenamemassimotivoli.jpgMassimo Tivoli 
amletodi-salle.jpgAmieto Di-Salledavidedi-ruscio.jpgDavide Di-Ruscio
marcoautili.jpgMacro Autill

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CHOReOS is a project of the FP7 European program: FP7-ICT-2009-5 - Objective 1.2 (grant agremment n° 257178)

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